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My first venture into the world of blogging and so far it’s not too frightening, surprisingly.  My intention is that this blog will include random ruminations about creative process, poetry, poets, travel, teaching, spirituality and reading.  I want to share my favourite books, post new poems in progress, reflect on those poets whose work influences and inspires me, and ponder the ways in which poetry can be a force for social justice and change in the world.  Idealistic?  Indeed!

I look forward to reflecting on the world as I see it, and I hope some of you enjoy reading my reflections.  There is always some aspect of the numinous and extraordinary rooted in the ordinary rhtyhms of the world…and this is why I believe poetry is magical in its power to open doors to the extraordinary realms.  It truly transforms, transcends, and transports both the reader and the writer.

Looking forward to creating a community of like-minded souls….readers, writers, thinkers, teachers….the possibilities are endless!




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